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A group of young filmmakers accidentaly document a crime of passion. The murderer, an industrial magnate, mysteriously receives a copy of the incriminating footage together with a letter demanding better standards of living for workers. Meanwhile the victim's family is protecting the murderer, whith whom they share many economic interests. To protect their social prestige, they stage a kidnapping. The industrialist decides to find the filmmakers and kill them

Direction / Direction - Gabriel Retes, Script / Screenplay - Ignacio Retes & Gabriel Retes, Photography / Photography - Genaro Hurtado, Music / Music - Mario Lavista, Editing / Editing - Eufemio Rivera, Production / Production - Coop. Mixcoac River

Cast / Cast: Jorge Humberto Robles - Tina Romero - Yogi Ruge - Jorge Santoyo - Aarón Hernán - Manolo Fabregas - Ignacio Retes - Abel Woolrich - Mario Casillas - Juan Angel Martinez

Moscow International Film Festival 1979, Nominated, Golden Prize, Gabriel Retes

Broken Flag Trailer

Some young filmmakers accidentally film a crime of passion, committed by a well-known industrialist, who receives a copy of the film demanding better wages for his workers. The dead woman is the wife of his partner and friend, another powerful tycoon. The family decides to declare kidnapping, so the filmmakers continue to blackmail the industry which decides to find the young people and murder them

Broken Flag ( 1979 )

Crime / Mystery / Drama, 96  min, PG 13

Crime / Mystery / Drama,  96  min, PG 13

Broken flag  ( 1979 ) Subtitled
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