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Theatrical and TV Distribution

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You have already completed your movie or the pilot of your series. Now  it's time to  market!  Distribuir is the Achilles heel of many Mexican filmmakers. A  proper pitch is the only way for your vision to reach the public  as long as possible. Operoptima puts at your disposal its network of cinemas and television channels with terms adapted to the particularities of each project so that you can continue producing.

Do you have a finished or pending project? Contact us!  Together we prepare your next step. We advise you in a transparent way on the operational and economic requirements of the distribution and we take care of the marketing and logistics of your launch. In the case of content for television, we represent you before the executives of the largest cable, broadcast TV or VOD networks in the American continent and we ensure that your contract is signed under terms that protect  your short and long term interests. 

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