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On June the 10th 1971, during a student demonstration, a young photojournalist, Lauro, is beaten and left in a coma. One night Lauro opens his eyes and awakes. He is twenty years older in a world that has changed radically: He has to learn everything form the start: Computers, new ways, new ideas, new diseases and new hopes. He must consolidate his feelings and create a new place for himself in family, friendship, work, as well as a new love: Adela.

Direction / Direction - Gabriel Retes, Script / Script - Lourdes Elizarrarás & Gabriel Retes, Photography / Photography - Chuy - Music / Music - Angel Romero, Editing / Edition - Saul Aupart, Production / Production - Coop. Mixcoac River

Cast / Cast: Lourdes Elizarrarás - Gabriel Retes - Lucila Balzaretti - Gabriela Retes - Delia Casanova - Juan Claudio Retes - José Alonso - Héctor Bonilla

1st. Place / 1st Place - International Meetings of Cannes, France - Best Film / Best Film - IV Caribbean Film Festival San Juan Cinemafest Puerto Rico, Best Film / Best Film - Mar del Plata Latin American Festival Argentina, Best Film / Best Film - Awarded by the International Federation of CineClubs XVIII Iberoamerican Festival of Huelva Spain - 1st. Place Audience Award / 1st place Audience Award - IV Caribbean Film Festival San Juan Cinemafest Puerto Rico, 2nd. Place Audience Award / 2nd place Audience Award - Mexican Film Festival of Guadalajara Mexico, Best Cinematographic Script / Best Script - VIII Latin American Film Festival of Trieste Italy - Best Cinematographic Script / Best Script Awarded by the newspaper Heraldo de México, Best Script Cinematographic / Best Script Scholarship awarded by the General Society of Mexican Writers (SOGEM) and the Authors Section of the Syndicate
deTrabajadores de la Industria Cinematográfica (STPC), First Place "Mexico City" / First Place - IV Mexican Film Contest Sponsored by
Department of the Federal District (DDF), Union of Cinematographic Industry Workers (STPC) Mexican Institute of Cinematography (IMCINE) and the
Mexican Film Stimulus Trust (FECIMEX), Best Male Performance / Best Male Actor - XII International Festival of Amiens France.
Best Editing / Best Editing - Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences Mexico

The Lump  Trailer

On June 10, 1971, during a demonstration, a young journalist was brutally beaten into a coma. One night Lauro opens his eyes and wakes up to find himself twenty years older in a radically different world. The fall of communism, computers, new ways and ideas, new diseases and illusions. Now he has to consolidate his own feelings, reconnect with his family, his friends, his work and his new love: Adela.

The Bundle ( 1992 )

Drama, 114  min, PG 13

Drama,  114  min, PG 13

The Lump ( 1979 ) Subtitled
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