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Our offer

Are you looking for the best way to produce your film or series, put your latest project to music, distribute  in cinemas and  television or fill your schedule with amazing content?  We are here  to help you

If you are a filmmaker, Operoptima has a team  and personal  to respond to the needs of each stage of your production. We also make our catalog of titles available to broadcasters and content buyers. Contact us to discuss your needs

About us

Based in Guadalajara Jalisco, Operoptima Audiovisual produces and distributes films and series for film and television. Our passion is to bring to the public endearing stories with high filmic quality.  


Guadalajara is the second largest audiovisual production headquarters in the country. Although the last decade  the industry has advanced by giant steps, Guadalajara continues to present great economic and operational advantages for production in relation to Mexico City.  


Operoptima was created to respond to the demand for comprehensive production services by the Guadalajara industry as well as to satisfy the need for local knowledge to  national and international filmmakers  looking to take advantage of the opportunities offered here.  


Our production services are adapted to the particularities and budget of each  project and may include, in addition to the usual logistics,  post-production services (image and sound), casting  and creative support in the departments of  production design and musicalization.  


As a distributor.  Operoptima collaborates with the filmmakers in a cordial and transparent manner  with the goal of maximizing the economic performance of each  project and help him  reach the public  as long as possible.


Welcome to Operoptima, the future of the Spanish-language entertainment industry.


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