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The story of a religious icon created by an artist and used by the Spaniards as a weapon of conquest:  At the end  of XVI century, as the Spaniards conquerors strive the subdue the New World, they confront a problem of  the evangelization of the Indians. People of deep religious beliefs, the Indians refuse to accept Christianity.  The  Spaniards conjure the Inquisition and the Indians revolt. In order to prevent a  massacre,  Friar Pedro Francisco de Cañas  orders  an local painter to create  the Virgin of Guadalupe, an icon meant to bring  closer the two populations. Frail Pedro, Ortiz and the model that posed for the icon are soon found assassinated ...

Direction / Direction - Gabriel Retes, Screenplay / Screenplay - Pedro F. Miret, Photography / Photography - Daniel López, Music / Music - Raúl Lavista, Editing / Editing - Eufemio Rivera, Production / Production - Conacine and STPC

Cast / Cast: Aarón Hernán - María Rojo - Elpidia Carrillo - Juan Manuel Martínez - Víctor Junco  - Ignacio Retes - Jorge Humberto Robles - Jorge Santoyo - Carlos Chávez

New World  Trailer

The story of a religious icon created by an artist and used by the Spanish as a weapon of conquest. In 1518, in the New World, the Spanish conquerors are faced with the evangelization of the natives, who are themselves highly religious and do not accept Christianity. they are subjected to the Holy Inquisition. 
Fray Pedro orders an indigenous painter to create a Virgin that will twin the Spaniards with them and thus control the subvelation and massacre of indigenous people. Fray Pedro, the painter and the model are assassinated and the canvas is presented as a miracle that prevents the insurrection of the indigenous people

The new World  ( 1978 )

Historical Drama, 95  min, PG 13

History / Drama,  95  min, PG 13

New World ( 1978 ) Subtitled
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