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Drama, 2018, 87  min, 2K


Claudia is pregnant and asks her best friend to take her to Lake Chapala. On this journey, they will leave childhood behind and will have to decide the course of the rest of their lives.

PORTADA6 (1).jpg
Death quote

Drama - Action , 2020, 91 min, 2K


Pietro goes with his friend Clara to tell her about a mysterious dream where he saw death. At the same time, Junior arrives in town, who becomes obsessed with Clara, a situation that will lead Pietro to defend her, risking his life and more. 

A thousand things that I would do for you

Comedy, 2017, 87  min, 2K


Original language: Catalan, dubbed in Spanish.

Monica has abandoned Dani because she has lost a gift of great financial and sentimental value. Dani thinks that recovering the object will help him to recover Monica, and in the attempt he will have a thousand problems.

Getting my ex back

Comedy (MX), 2018, 95  min, 4K


When the ex-actor, Francisco, discovers that his ex-wife is about to remarry and take his daughter to live abroad, he will manipulate everyone around him to stop the wedding and win back his family.

Kill god

Black comedy (ES), 2018, 92  min, 4K


A family prepares to celebrate the end of the year in an isolated house in the middle of the forest. Suddenly, a mysterious homeless man breaks into the house, a dwarf, and claims to be God. The wanderer threatens to exterminate the human species at dawn: only two people will be saved and they have been chosen to choose the survivors.

Lonely stars

Comedy / drama (MX), 2015, 90  min, 2K


Joana and Valentina are two close friends who have had hard times in their life, the strongest test is about to be presented to them when Valentina is given the opportunity to be the main star of the nightclub where she works.

The orange dog

Comedy (ES), 2014, 94 min, 2K


A film about friendship and love; about conversations, drunkenness and couple moments; about being in love; about being alone.
Various male prototypes  They share their love and their lack of love, while we strangers cannot help but smile.

Journal d'un inadapté

Arthouse (MX), 2015, 156 min, Full HD, B&W


A psychotic hermit obsessed with a Mexican soap opera actress, creates a parallel world in his mind where he imagines himself as the actress's fiancé and the father of her unborn daughter.

no debes POSTER 1.jpg
You must not cheat the Devil

Action (MX), 2005, 93 min, SD


The Devil and the Old Man, two long-time thuggish partners, seek to find the traitor who took a car full of money, the spoils of his last “job”. They visit all the people who were involved in their plan but find them dead.

Ergo Sum.jpg
Ergo sum

Documentary (MX), 2019, 45  min, Full HD


Through the stories of different artists, they themselves reveal their worlds, environments, challenges and their self-exploration and we discover a range of characters that are as contrasting as they are similar: black sheep that do not fit into a traditional social structure, but come from places totally different, to finally reveal that an artist can emerge from anywhere: from a traditional town of 200 inhabitants to a large city.


Terror (MX), 2017, 88  min, 2K


The lives of two young friends change the day they find a skull buried in the garden. Strange events begin to occur and the two friends are affected by dark dreams and allusions.

Forever Alone

Comedy, 2017, 2K


Andy (Armando) is a single gay man in his thirties from Guadalajara, with a rather precarious sentimental life, whom Fabi (Fabián), his best friend, asks to help him prepare for his gay wedding. Although Andy dies of jealousy because he does not even have a stable partner, the poor man tries to organize everything but his eagerness to find a partner and his inexperience in the matter, seem to put the wedding in danger.

I nvestigadores Fantasmachines

Sexicomedia, 2018, 98 min, 2K



Two fraudulent paranormal investigators come across a real case where sexy ghosts keep a sexy Diabla's treasure safe in an abandoned brothel.

Claudia doesn't want to die

Comedy, 2019, 84  min, 4K


Claudia dies just the day that David, her boyfriend, was going to give her the engagement ring. Miguel, the Angel of Death, appears to help her move to the next dimensional plane, but Claudia flatly refuses; he escapes and tries to continue his usual life, causing endless irregularities in the bureaucracy of heaven, as well as in the life of David. 

Wake up

Terror (MX), 2019, 80  min, 4K


Andrea and Alejandro enjoy their new stage as a married couple when fate will play a trick on them: Andrea loses her life in a car accident.
Alejandro begins to see Andrea inside his house living with him as if nothing had happened inside. He accepts the situation as if it were a nice dream, which nevertheless soon turns into a desperate nightmare as he begins to be harassed by entities that do not leave him alone at any time.

Lone wolves

Suspense, drama (ES), 2019, 80  min, 4K


Prison drama that deals with corruption in high places and the power struggle. Narrated with an episode structure as in Reservoir Dogs where in each chapter we will discover the past of each character. Why did they end up behind bars? and Why does everyone want to kill Arnold Drexler?


Suspense, police (MX), 2017, 90  min, 2K


Four influential young men rape two women. A retired security officer seeks justice despite pressure from his employers. The best friend of the victims wants to testify but the rapists are capable of anything to silence her.

poster estamos hechos.jpg
We are made

Dramedy (MX), 2018, 80 min, Full HD


Sergio and Angélica see each other to close a stormy relationship for good. Fabiola meets Natalia, the teenage daughter of her ex-boyfriend, in a park. On the other hand, Ray is going to buy the engagement ring and is accompanied by his best friend from college. All in the same morning.

A story to understand, from the common, what we are made for.

Dark awaken

Suspense (MX), 2019, 62 min, Full HD


Eva is a young woman who wakes up tied and bandaged inside a truck after being kidnapped.

Now she must find a way to escape before a mysterious threat kills her.

Suéltame Cartel 2019.jpg
Let go

Horror-Suspense, 2015, 88  min, Full HD


A strange character invites a group of young and adventurous couples to camp and film the ghosts that they say appear in El llano del Colgado, a place where there is a sinister chapel in the middle of the forest and where the townspeople took the life of a cruel and bloody murderer.

The undesirables

Drama (MX), 2011, 105 min, Full HD


It tells the story of Mario Ernesto, a name like any other, who after losing his family in a Kidnapping enters a state of depression and anger that lead him to do unimaginable things, but with the help of some friends he realizes that to achieve A change in Mexico has to start with oneself, thus giving the opportunity for other people to change as well.


Action -Drama, 2019, 65 min, 2K


Half-length film

Chad is a fighter who seeks to be the best without losing his principles. In the pursuit of his dream, he meets Vincent, a millionaire businessman who tries to fix Chad's fights so that he loses. He doesn't give in and Vincent begins to make your life miserable.

The Armada

Comedy - Action , 2018, 81 min, 2K


Marco and Hernando visit their dying father. As a last wish, he asks them to rescue his sister Camila from the ruffians led by Valdo Pedraza.

Marco and Hernando, "Los Armada" will seek justice for their town where the commissioner can do little against Don Valdo and his people.

Toy guns

Comedy (MX), 2015, 81 min, 4K


After losing his job, Leo is suffocated by the financial demands of his partner. In his closet he finds a toy gun and that gives him an idea: Find his friend "El Cañas" and propose the business of their lives: To become thieves. While Leo is looking for money and Cañas for adrenaline, the real thugs of the city find out about the two neophytes. They decide to look for them to collect their percentage or otherwise make them suffer the consequences ...

Made in China

Comedy (MX), 2012, 91 min, 2K


For his 50th birthday, Marcos only receives an invitation to the wedding of the only woman he loved; 30 years ago. With the Chinese mafia after his restaurant and the shattered dream of becoming a writer, Marcos decides to go to the wedding. Fernando, the irresponsible delivery man, joins Marcos on this cross-country adventure. Will they make it to the wedding on time?

Express life

Drama (MX), 2011, 90 min, Full HD


The opportunities to love, to live, to achieve goals and dreams, are the same that escape Fito, a young alcoholic who is fascinated by illegal sports and racing cars. A life that will lead him to a stormy end with consequences that will carry him for the rest of his life.

Nine bars

Comedy (ES), 2016, 92  min, 2K


9 Bars is a film about friendship, about love, about what we say and what we do not say, it is a film of witty dialogues where you will not stop laughing.

Carmine rose

Drama (MX), 2008, 105 min, SD


The trafficking of minors is an international problem. In Mexico, the kidnapping of girls for sexual exploitation is alarming.Through the different stories that are linked to EMILIO, a family man and author of this illicit business, we will learn about the different forms of deception and manipulation linked to dirty and corrupt under world of child prostitution.

Sho Shan and the Dark Lady

Family (MX), 2014,110 min, Full HD


Film adaptation of the novel by Eve Gil: "LUISA is a 4-year-old girl with autism who is accused of murdering her best friend. Now her older sister, VIOLETA, must find the real culprit and during the process she will discover a secret about his mother who will change  his life forever.

Our blood

Terror (MX), 2019, 92  min, 4K


Some friends go to a party that doesn't exist and they receive a supernatural guest. A man walks alone through a parking lot not knowing that he is going to find something creepy. Two girls who invoke their deceased friend. A wife who is resurrected, but does not return alone. A house inhabited by something that appears to be a ghost. And a man who defies death ... These are some of the stories that appear in this horror anthology.

el silencio de augusto poster.jpg
The silence of Augustus

Drama (MX), 2018, 89  min, Full HD


Augusto, a university professor discovers his wife with another man in bed, desperately takes a gun and shoots himself. Death does not smile at him, he survives but not to tell about it. Augusto remains connected in a state of quadriplegia. An unbearable burden for his wife; until Nora, a sullen and bipolar woman decides to help him and take care of him by offering him a second chance at life.

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